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From smart designs to best-selling products.

To stand out in a competitive fashion world, companies need to capitalize on uniqueness and DNA.

While brands are more and more driven by consumer demand and business concerns, they cannot sacrifice what makes them different: creative products. Lectra supports companies in finding the right balance between creativity, innovation and profitability by placing design at the core of collection development. We are also dedicated to training future fashion and apparel professionals providing schools with access to our solutions, software and design expertise. Learn more about Lectra’s fashion design expertise in the videos below.


Designers need to create the right products in line with seasonal trends to ensure profitability. By connecting designers, product development and production teams, Lectra’s fashion design software allows companies to create innovative products faster and at a lower cost.


The fashion industry is constantly seeking highly skilled talent trained in the latest technology. Lectra partners with almost 900 school and universities around the world to best prepare students to penetrate the job market. “We have defined technology as one of our main pillars in our strategy, and that’s why we have chosen to work with Lectra.” - Souraya Bouwmans-Sarraf, AMFI, Netherlands


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Turning a creative concept into a best-selling product is a designer’s—and a brand’s—main concern.
Lectra’s design solutions are based on fashion expertise and design best practices to create innovative styles. They facilitate the development of accurate technical sketches in line with key trends and seasonal colors.
“In terms of creativity, Lectra allows students to generate designs and ideas to a highly professional standard." – Aileen Stewart, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), UK

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Bridging creative teams and technical teams is challenging yet essential to ensure smoother collaboration. Based on a pragmatic project approach and best-in-class experience, Lectra facilitates teamwork to ensure accurate information sharing.

Fashion design software, 3d fashion design software : Kaledo - Lectra

“I know I’m speaking the same language as my colleagues in pattern development and construction.”

- Luciana Scrutchen, Parsons, US


Plugging design into the rest of the organization is critical to reducing lead times. Lectra allows designers to share sketches and textile designs with product development colleagues, production teams and suppliers on a unique platform, to make sure products reach stores on time.
“Lectra’s design solution really helps speed up the design process.”  - Johanna Michel, HTW, Berlin



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