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Connecting design to keep pace with the speed of fashion…

To run at the momentum of faster fashion and stay ahead of consumers on the move and on-line eTailers, connectivity is the key to being quick.


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Brands and retailers are struggling to adapt to an ever-changing fashion market sparked by on-line players vitalizing the game and younger, tech-savvy, insatiable consumers.

Growing interest in personalized fashion and a socially connected ultra-active millennials are flipping this traditional industry upside down. Lectra brings design solutions and best practices to the playing field enabling fashion companies to enhance creativity and speed; solutions that can connect merchandisers, textile designers, product designers and the supply chain; the expertise for spot-on innovative design that makes good business sense. 

Lectra is dedicated to forming the future of fashion students worldwide, providing schools and universities access to our software and design expertise.

The fashion industry is constantly seeking highly skilled talent trained in the latest technology. Lectra partners with more than 900 school and universities around the world to prepare students for the job market.

“The JCPenney partnership with FIT and Lectra in this competition really speaks to our commitment to cultivating the future of fashion. For me, I’m always inspired by the next generation.” Ra’mon-Laurence Radeke, Design Director, JCPenney, USA


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  • Lectra’s design software Kaledo makes it easy for JCPenney’s team of designers to see fabric prints in different colorways and textures when creating fashion collections for their private-label brands.
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Turning creative concepts into best-sellers is a designer’s primary objective.

Lectra’s design solutions integrate fashion expertise and design best practices to create innovative fabric designs and styles in record time. They help design teams to distinguish their brands with ultra-realistic textile simulations and accurate technical sketches on-trend with consumer expectations. Built-in automation for textile and color specification guarantees precise communication with suppliers.

“Kaledo is one of the best tools out there in order to help execute ideas. It does a great job in terms of doing color matching. We communicate with the mills and between two different offices, so having that color consistency is paramount. Kaledo is the way to go!” - Roy Gutierrez, CAD Manager, JC Penney, USA


Images Courtesy of Jordon Toran, Student of the Fashion Institute of Technology, equipped with Kaledo, New York, USA


Bridging creative teams and technical teams is essential to stay ahead of the competition and to reach new consumers. Based on a pragmatic project approach and best-in-class experience, Lectra solutions promote teamwork to ensure accurate information sharing.

SPEEDING UP THE DESIGN PROCESSPlugging design into the rest of the organization is critical to reducing lead times. Lectra allows designers to share sketches and textile designs with product development and suppliers on a unique platform, to make sure that products reach fashion-hungry consumers on time.

Images courtesy of Nuprimary, New York-based Design Studio equipped with Kaledo