Product development

A new era in fashion and apparel product development.

In the globalized, disrupted and dynamic fashion industry, companies need to evolve to stay in the game. At the crossroads of design and production, product development drives brand consistency in terms of fit and look. Product development has a major impact on both time to market and cost, and of course on customer loyalty. Lectra’s approach to product development centers around 3D virtual prototyping for right-fit, collaborative process and interactive design.

Product development expertise at Lectra

Development costs and productivity, as well as brand DNA, are all set at the product development stage of the collection lifecycle. Lectra solutions deliver a new approach to product development by combining advanced pattern-making tools, such as digital grading with our 3D virtual prototyping software. Our industry and solution experts provide companies with insight, expertise, best-practices and support to help them meet today’s industry challenges.

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Expertise brings insight to create the right product

As fashion and apparel companies produce more and more collections and development cycles become ever shorter, traditional development methods no longer suffice. Transformation is needed at the heart of the business model. “Given the needs and expectations of our current customer base, it was impossible to keep working the same way we had been.” - Anabela Campos, Shareholder and Manager, Cordeiro Campos, Portugal.

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A perfect fit

Finding the right balance between newness, fit and geography or target market is a big challenge.
Simultaneously developing different collections with several product lines and a range of sizes adapted to each country’s specific requirements is the new norm. At the leading edge of lean product development, Lectra provides companies with adapted solutions and undertakes change management based on best practices and industry insight.

A focus on 3DTrue collaboration through shared visualization means a better product, an improved way of working and an enhanced creative process.
3D virtual prototyping is the way to optimize resources and preserve brand DNA. Lectra product development solutions give control early on in the product lifecycle, meaning cost constraints and volume fluctuations are no longer a risk. 3D virtual prototyping shortens the fashion product development cycle by reducing the need for time-consuming physical samples, manual grading and physical fit sessions.

Education and schools - Partnering with the next generation of industry innovatorS

Lectra invests in school partnerships around the world. Students are the future of fashion and we are proud to provide the best tools available to push boundaries and contribute to the continuous evolution of the industry.

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