Fabric cutting for upholstered furniture

Lectra's expertise in fabric cutting and its           forward-thinking solutions help upholstered furniture companies boost their productivity and efficiency.

PRODUCING EFFICIENTLY As furniture consumers demand greater customization, manufacturers must adapt their processes so they can produce more often in smaller volumes. Lectra has applied a lean methodology to the Vector fabric cutting room. Much more than a simple textile cutting machine, it is a complete set of solutions that help customers increase production flexibility and attain the highest level of operational excellence. With Lectra’s powerful pre-production software, manufacturers avoid costly errors, reduce non-quality costs and optimize fabric use from the start.



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SAVING TIME AND FABRIC Lectra’s comprehensive approach streamlines process flows along the whole supply chain, delivering significant time and material savings. Reliable, accurate technical documentation and production-ready patterns are guaranteed with Lectra’s unique CAD / CAM software suite, which automatically updates data for each modification made to pattern pieces. Its advanced marker-making program can be used in interactive and automatic nesting modes for all types of fabric to create the most efficient markers in only minutes, resulting in minimal waste of fabric and labor time. All data related to spreading and cutting instructions is then compiled into a bar-coded cutting room worksheet. Automation of these critical pre-production tasks limits unnecessary operator intervention and the risk of human error.


CUTTING SINGLE PLY JUST IN TIME In furniture manufacturing, many companies use a just-in-time or made-to-order approach, so flexibility, reliability and productivity are critical. Lectra’s single-ply cutter has been especially designed to provide the high throughput and maximum uptime which are key to this approach, while ensuring the right level of quality.


MATCHING PATTERNS FASTER Manual pattern-matching is extremely time consuming. Lectra has developed Mosaic, a system that automatically compensates for any distortion and adjusts the cutting path, ensuring that patterned pieces match perfectly when assembled. This saves time and gives furniture manufacturers the flexibility to better manage the diversity of patterned fabrics.




OPTIMIZING MULTI-PLY CUTTING Together with Brio automated spreading solutions, Lectra’s Vector delivers exceptional performance through its flexibility, excellent cutting quality and high production capacity. The spreader combines productivity and quality with tension-free laying and minimum fabric consumption. It provides a complete set of options for full fabric management. Associated with Vector, Brio offers synergies to reach the maximum return on investment (RoI) in as short a time as possible.


GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME Vector uses Lectra’s latest technological innovations for a simpler, more efficient cutting process. The intuitive touch screen technology guides operators through the production process and provides system status in real time. The onscreen offloading assistance color-codes cut parts, simplifying bundling and further reducing the risk of error. At the end of each cutting session, the control panel displays key metrics such as cutting efficiency. These can be used to evaluate system performance and compare actual productivity with set objectives.


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MAXIMIZING SYSTEM AVAILABILITY, ENSURING QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE Furniture companies need to be sure they have the ability to reach payback on their investment in the agreed time. Lectra’s specific project approach ensures teams are productive quickly, supported by a complete range of tailored training. Service contracts guarantee maximum system availability with constant monitoring, predictive and preventive maintenance, reporting and quality control. These make Lectra the ideal choice to help achieve operational excellence.