Leather cutting for upholstered furniture

Lectra’s expertise fosters operational excellence in the cutting room.

INCREASING FLEXIBILITY To satisfy growing consumer demand for choice and customization, furniture manufacturers need more flexibility. Production runs are smaller, the choice of leather type and finish is growing and delivery times are much shorter. Lectra’s Versalis automated leather-cutting solution can handle all types of hide, and adapt to design changes at very short notice.


CUTTING ALL TYPES OF LEATHER Natural leathers cannot be physically marked and so require special handling. Versalis is unique in its ability to process these hides automatically, using the principles of lean methodology to maximize hide use. More than just a machine for cutting leather, Lectra’s Versalis is entirely configurable to suit the size of pieces being cut, allowing companies to maintain constant workflow throughout the cutting process and optimizing hide use by up to 5%.




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"Using Lectra’s Versalis solution, we have doubled our productivity without increasing the number of operators.Today, our cutting quality is significantly higher, with an extremely low rejection rate.”

- Dean Leullier, Production Manager, Duvivier Productions, France

IMPROVING HIDE MANAGEMENT Versalis also comes in an offline configuration, which manages hide analysis separately from cutting. Hides are scanned on delivery, so quality and area can be checked immediately. Lectra’s LeatherSuite software uses this computerized stock to test all possibilities of hides for a given work order to determine the ‘winning combination’. In addition, the Versalis offline configuration uses multi-hide nesting software to further increase material savings.


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OPTIMIZING PROCESSES Furniture companies cannot maintain or increase profit margins unless they control the entire production process. Lectra is committed to help its customers reach their operational excellence objectives using personalized key performance indicators (KPIs) in a simple, automatic and visual format. Versalis tracks more than 2,000 different production criteria to create fully configurable production reports. They give an overall picture of the entire leather cutting room to ultimately help improve performance.


MAXIMIZING SYSTEM AVAILABILITY, ENSURING QUALITY AND PERFORMANCEFurniture manufacturers need to be sure they have the ability to reach payback on their investment in the agreed time. Lectra’s specific project approach ensures teams are productive quickly, supported by a complete range of tailored training. Service contracts guarantee maximum system availability with constant monitoring, predictive and preventive maintenance, reporting and quality control, making Lectra the partner of choice to achieve operational excellence.