ideation on the Road 2022

ideation on the Road 2022: Reinventing the industry's future together

The most exciting time for fashion is right now. Join us live!

What is ideation on the Road 2022?

ideation on the Road is the premier fashion technology conference dedicated to helping you remain competitive in an ever-changing consumer climate. Lectra’s ideation offers opportunities for fashion and retail professionals to come together and learn how to effectively leverage industry leading technology solutions to increase productivity, accelerate performance and meet the challenges of a competitive marketplace. 

"ideation provides an unmatched opportunity for market leaders in the fashion industry to exchange best practices.” 

The conference offers a full day of informative workshops, interactive sessions, engaging panel discussions, insight from industry leaders and endless opportunities for networking. Discover hundreds of ways to innovate at ideation

    Join us at these amazing cities
    ideation on the Road 2022

    Make the most of key trends from the best minds in the industry at the Premier Fashion Technology event

    • Be the first to discover exciting news about how Lectra is helping to rebuild the fashion industry 

    • Hear from market experts and customers about where the industry is going and what you can do. 

    • Discover what’s new with Lectra and Gerber brand software and equipment technology 

    • Learn about the current trends in the retail industry 

    • And so much more!


    Join us at these amazing cities to experience ideation on the Road

    Keynote Speaker

    Bill McRaith
    Retired Executive, PVH Corp, Victoria's Secret and SVP Walmart

    Bill McRaith will be discussing the importance of adapting to supply chain transformation, demands for a better environmental impact, and the need to see real change in the Fashion Industry.





    • Opening Remarks from Lenny Marano, President of Lectra, Americas
    • Keynote: The Fashion Industry is at a Turning Point: Hear from Bill McRaith who will discuss the importance of adapting to supply chain transformation and what can be done today!
    • Stronger Together: Discovering Lectra’s New and Upcoming Technology: Hear from Lectra's Mathieu Bonenfant and our team of product experts as they discuss Lectra’s roadmap and what is next for Lectra and Gerber brand solutions. Also learn how sponsor Coloro integrates with our CAD and PLM solutions. 
    • State of Fashion in 2022: Key Trends and Challenges: Get the rundown on what the future of fashion technology holds and how your business needs to move forward to stay agile, presented by Fashion Snoops.
    • Fashion Roundtable Discussion: Insight and Challenges in the Fashion Industry: Hear about what's next in the fashion industry. Topics include managing supply chain changes, the outcomes of the recession and how technology and data-driven solutions are vital to remain agile. Panel includes Dana Todd (Balodana), June Evans (Filson), Joseph Altieri (FIT), Michael McDonald (SPESA) and Lina Saldarriaga (Zumba).
    • Data-Driven Decision Making: Understand Consumer Behaviors and Shopping Habits: See how Lectra's data-driven solutions can help make the right decisions to optimize discounts and stocks and gain valuable information on consumer behaviors. Hear how Zumba and Filson implemented a company-wide PLM to connect their entire supply chain.
    • Digital Product Creation: From Initial Design to Final Product: Learn how you can streamline and develop products within hours, all through digitalization. Introducing the latest version of AccuMark and YuniquePLM! Learn how fashion brand Adea took their existing line and offered customized digital prints to meet demand.
    • Fashion at a Turning Point: Transforming the Fashion Industry with On-Demand Production: Be immersed with our industry experts and partners as they discuss current fashion manufacturing topics including direct-to-consumer and on-demand production, customization, personalization and digital printing, and how to make it scalable. Watch how Fire-Dex makes on demand production a priority.
    • Optimizing Your Cutting Room: Data is Your Golden Nugget: Discover how you can revolutionize your cutting room with Lectra's data-driven cutting solutions. Hear how Kontoor Brands continues to optimize decades later.
    • LIVE Fashion Show: We will be showcasing designers and brands who have leveraged an on-demand, direct-to-consumer production model.
    • Customer Appreciation Event: Following the fashion show, we will gather to network and discuss the day's events with cocktails, music, and amazing food. A fun experience you truly won’t want to miss.

    (For New York and Los Angeles only)

    Fashion Show

    Fashion Show

    A runway show comes to life: From initial designs to final products using an on-demand production model!

    See designs brought to life using Lectra’s On-Demand solutions from pattern making to final production in an immersive, physical and virtual experience. Watch as we transfer designs created by pattern makers straight from our Gerber AccuMark and produced in our New York City Microfactory while using Lectra’s Fashion On Demand!

    Live in NYC!

    ideation on the Road 2022