95 million Number of light vehicles produced in 2017

+9% Predicted growth for the production of light vehicles between 2017 and 2021

+12 million Number of additional airbags manufactured in 2017 compared to 2016



The global market for automotive seat covers reached $12 billion in 2016, of which $4 billion represents the growing leather segment. Cars are upgrading – premium models and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) have the wind in their sails – and are transforming. New types of mobility and uses are appearing, giving interiors an increasingly important position.


Furthermore, consumer expectations and legislation in emerging countries explain the increasing number of airbags in cars, and their growing sophistication. For an automotive industry long receptive to Industry 4.0 principles, the digitalization of the supply chain continues: it is now extending to automotive suppliers, and soon the tanners.


Digitalization is the best way for industrialists to confront constant pressure on costs and delivery times. In addition, there is the challenge of personalization, which is not only multiplying the number of variants but also increasing industrial complexity for automotive suppliers. Now involved at earlier stages in product development and production cycles, automotive suppliers are increasingly a driving force in innovation.