The Lectra 4.0 strategy

Driven by a long-term vision, the Lectra 4.0 strategy, launched in 2017, aims to make Lectra an indispensable player in Industry 4.0.



Lectra is the only company in its market with a complete offer that combines software, machines, data and services – four essential components for launching Industry 4.0 initiatives.
This is a major asset in helping Lectra serve its customers, and it is backed up by the business-line knowledge of its 540 consultants and solution experts across the entire value chain.
Lectra manages in real time the information coming from hundreds of sensors embedded in its cutting-room solutions, for which it has designed and developed the electronics.
Lectra has over 12 years of experience with the industrial Internet of things. Today, over 4,000 Lectra machines compatible with Industry 4.0 are in operation worldwide.





Lectra puts its customers at the heart of its business, using a specific approach (value proposition, organization, process, etc.) for each of its three strategic market sectors: fashion, automotive, and furniture. For more than 12 years, Lectra has chosen a premium positioning. Today, the company is focused on 5,000 current and prospective customers. Lectra will gradually launch 4.0 services that, in adherence with Industry 4.0 principles, will combine its various areas of expertise and leverage data exploitation.