New strategic roadmap for 2017-2019

A long term visionLectra’s objective is to become an indispensable player in Industry 4.0. Its 2017-2019 roadmap is the first stage of the company’s evolution over the next ten years.

Industry 4.0 is transforming how all companies operate and create value. Industry 4.0 requires the integration of smart, connected solutions and services, and the replacement of production tools incompatible with connected factory concepts. Benefitting consumers, concepts for a connected factory are propelling a new digitalized lifecycle for products. Agile and multi-purpose, connected factories enable companies to benefit simultaneously from several production models. Such factories are capable of agile production, for example to deploy not only a made-to-measure offer, but also small series. Due to this industrial revolution, more and more companies will create entirely digitalized value chains for their products.


Since 2007 when the company started out in the industrial Internet of Things, Lectra has managed real-time monitoring, thanks to hundreds of sensors embedded in cutting-room solutions for which Lectra designed and developed the electronics. Today, over 3,400 Industry 4.0-compatible Lectra machines are operational across 2,100 product sites in the world. Lectra is the only company in its market with a full offer that combines machines, software, services and data, essential to deploy Industry 4.0. This is a major asset to offer our customers, and is reinforced by Lectra’s 500 business consultants with their profound knowledge of businesses, and the company’s solutions’ experts across the entire value chain.

Strategic objectives

Reinforcing investments dedicated to the design and development of offers

R&D investments (in % of revenues)
Lectra will increase the share of revenues dedicated to R&D to 10% for the period from 2017 to 2019, representing a rise of about 50% between 2016 and 2019.



Financial objectives

Growth accelerators

In addition to Industry 4.0 and SaaS offers, Lectra is counting on the following accelerators to boost its growth: