Other industries

Innovation extended to other industries

Many other industrial sectors use flexible materials. Each material has specific challenges. Leather is one of the most difficult to manipulate. Technical textiles (for example, PVC, insulating foam, coated fabric) require special treatment adapted to their thickness, weight and composition. Composite materials (for example, fiber glass, carbon fiber) prohibit any defects.

They have many applications, from plane and boat seats and interiors, helicopter and wind turbine blades, to parachutes, sports’ equipment and the covers of mobile telephones.

Companies in these sectors are deeply interested in innovative solutions that have been adopted by other industries, such as automotive and furniture. They are especially looking to optimize the use of expensive materials, meant to last for decades. However, implementing just-in-time production should maintain a high level of performance, quality, traceability and compliance to safety regulations.

As with all of Lectra’s other markets, these sectors are influenced by major trends dovetailing from the Millennials, the digitalization of companies, Industry 4.0 and China. Often on the cutting edge of technology, these sectors should transform themselves at a steady pace.



(2016 Annual report)