4 Ways Lectra Fashion PLM can helps you better manage your day

In addition to facilitating communication, our Fashion PLM also makes it easier to stay on top of tasks.

Lectra Fashion PLM: See for yourself

We understand that product development teams have a lot on their plate—deadlines upon deadlines and multiple changes to incorporate—so in addition to facilitating communication, our Fashion PLM also makes it easier to stay on top of tasks.

Here are 4 ways our solution can help you manage your day by simplifying, organizing and prioritizing your daily to-do's.

1. Full AI (Adobe Ilustrator) Integration 

While AI Integration is a functionality that is not uncommon in PLM solutions, what sets us apart is that our PLM enables designers to work outside the solution because all changes are automatically updated in the PLM system. This is important for designers because they are able to remain in their familiar creative space and share all the necessary product development information (brand, season, silhouette, etc) with the larger team.

For the product development team this makes it easier to integrate a PLM system into the company process.

2. The Snapshot Tool

The traditional way of bringing a design idea, or vision, to life is by sketching. While sketching is still the most popular method, our snapshot tool allows designers to use an already created image as the foundation for their idea. They can use any image of their choice as the foundation and make any adjustments, or changes, necessary that will help to crystallize their vision.

Using the Snapshot tool enables all members of the team to comment, add elements and make, clear, real time changes to the image that are easy to understand by all members of the team.

3. The Notifications Tool 

We know that multiple pop-ups and reminders can be cumbersome, so we created a user-initiated notification system. Notifications allow all users (internally, suppliers, vendors, etc) to read through all communications and have a clear history of the product.

4. The To-Do List 

To-do lists are a way of life, they keep you on track and accountable for all assigned tasks. Our tool takes the to-do list one step further with the To-Do List. It is embedded into the PLM system so the user is always aware of his, or her, tasks and the priority of each.

Overall, this tool gives users the autonomy to plan their day as they see fit, while giving the larger team visibility of their tasks and an overview of their workload.



Our expertise and approach has given us the tools and know-how to alleviate your daily challenges and pain points by creating solutions, like Fashion PLM, that are intuitive, efficient and give you the chance to focus on bringing your vision and idea to life.