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4 ways to survive price pressure

Cost-savvy consumers and an increasingly competitive furniture industry can make maintaining margins difficult.


4 ways to survive price pressure for Furniture manufacturers

Growing demand for custom furniture, small series, and one-off pieces is an opportunity for furniture manufacturers to rethink their production. By adopting furniture on-demand manufacturing—an efficient, agile on-demand process with built-in cost-cutting capabilities—they can better manage manufacturing complexity while safeguarding profit margins through resource optimization.

With costs and delivery expectations pushed to the limit, furniture companies face a new challenge: producing a wider range of items to satisfy a new consumer who seeks trend-based pieces and a more personalized shopping experience, articulated through customization, options and choice. 

Armed with the Internet, consumers are empowered by anytime, anywhere access to information for cost comparisons and style choice. Globalization has also expanded the competitive field. Today, furniture makers’ competition can be located down the block or around the world. 

By adopting a made-to-order approach to furniture manufacturing, it’s possible to gain greater control of your costs and your bottom line, by: 

  • optimizing your operations with the constant reliabilty and enhanced quality of automation, 
  • increasing process visibility and monitoring, improving quality while minimizing waste and labor, 
  • and anticipating and reducing costs at every stage of your process, for a lower overall cost per piece. 

Safeguard profit margins with furniture on-demand manufacturing 

Smart supply chains are at the core of the fourth industrial revolution. In all industries using textiles, including furniture making, the intelligent factory requires a high degree of flexibility, maximum efficiency and optimal planning processes for a variety of production types, from mass manufacturing to small-batch runs. These requirements are paramount to the future success of companies competing for business on a global scale. 

Lectra Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order enables furniture manufacturers to safeguard profit margins by optimizing resources, reducing running costs and avoiding non-quality costs. It is the furniture industry’s first end-to-end solution for management and optimization of small series and customized order production, from order processing to cutting.  

Download our infographic to find out how to reduce non-quality costs, optimize resources and keep operating costs low with Lectra’s Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order. 

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