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Accelerate trim cover design cycles times and drive down costs

DesignConcept: accelerate design cycle times and drive down costs


What is virtual protoyping and why is it important for Design-to-Cost and Design-for-Manufacturing?

DesignConcept is a complete prototyping CAD software application that factors in costing decisions at the earliest stages. It enables automotive companies to take stylish, high-quality products to market quickly and within budget by achieving process excellence during the development cycle.

Design to Cost. Create viable high-quality designs as of the first physical prototype. The software’s 3D and 2D digital modeling facilitates fast prototype creation and modification to align designs with the defined cost target using built-in cost simulation. Design for manufacturing. Develop products that are feasible to manufacture.

DesignConcept enables technical feasibility studies, allowing for accurate, immediate material stress analysis and pattern flattening adjustments.

Increase flexibility, productivity, and accuracy with DesignConcept to shorten production cycles, optimize processes and gain significant cost savings.

Why is the automotive industry moving towards 3D seat design and how is the process faster and more efficient with DesignConcept?

Satisfying changing consumer tastes in seats and interiors requires more than offering innovative trim styling and exciting new amenities. It also requires meeting critical product cost and time-to-market targets as of the concept development stage. Respond to RFQs faster.

Digital prototyping facilitates informed decision-making to create viable, high-quality designs as of the first physical prototype. Streamline processes, reduce production costs and expedite time to market with DesignConcept.