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Accelerate your on demand production

Are the many steps involved in product development a hindrance to your on demand production? Is cut preparation laborious and time consuming? Is cut execution too restrictive for you to operate at scale?

Fashion On Demand by Lectra streamlines production processes to shorten the garment production cycle, from order receipt to cutting execution.


Now you can accelerate your on-demand production.

Cloud-based, Lectra’s powerful Digital Cutting Platform connects seamlessly with your existing IT system and single-ply fabric-cutting equipment Virga. This same integration allows you to send all order information to the cutting room in a matter of minutes.

Set up your catalog, fabric handling requirements and production rules once only, then instantaneously launch and execute cutting jobs, accelerating your process time. All settings are sent directly to the cutting room, inside the cutting job, preventing errors by eliminating manual inputting.

Lectra Digital Cutting Platform simplifies management of patterns and last-minute changes, giving you the agility and efficiency to handle everything from small series and urgent orders, to customized and made-to-measure garments.

Lectra’s pioneering workflow management significantly increases production capacity and accelerates processes, so you can turn out what consumers want, on demand and at scale.

Download our fact sheet to compare and contrast your garment production workflow with Fashion On Demand by Lectra

What if you could save time managing your on demand processes while ensuring consistent quality at scale?

Fashion On Demand by Lectra expands and improves on all of the streamlined production processes you’ve come to rely on using Fitnet in tandem with Modaris.

With Fashion On Demand by Lectra, you can set up your catalog, fabric handling requirements and production rules in a single step. A digitally controlled process allows you to manage each stage of production from order reception to cut pieces without any manual entry, for the most intelligent, error-free workflow possible.

Compare your current software and equipment to Fashion On Demand by Lectra and see what you stand to gain by accelerating the complete garment production cycle with flexible, fully standardized processes and built-in monitoring.