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Active lifestyle: eliminating weeks from product development cycles

Our client, located in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., is one of the world's leading marketers of branded casual, active lifestyle, work, outdoor sport, athletic, children's and uniform footwear and apparel. It sells in approximately 200 countries and territories.


Business need

For our customer, apparel was a fast-growing business. As a consequence, chasing spreadsheets and reports was very cumbersome. The team managed updates to multiple documents manually, which led to data discrepancies, particularly at the end of a season when team members spent much of their time cleansing data at the expense of focusing on next season's product development. 

The customer wanted to move to one system, one truth that would not only enable them to better manage data, but would facilitate improved collaboration among the various participants, earlier in the product development cycle.


Going live with YuniquePLM

The customer was a long-time user of Gerber's webPDM product data management system. For YuniquePLM implementation, they decided to migrate only its materials and color databases. 

The company opted to deploy the YuniquePLM solution at every level of the business, bringing on board design, product development, line management, planning/logistics and sourcing teams. So, while at any given time, there were many different departments working at different phases of different seasonal collections, the most immediate benefit was that they were now all operating with one unified set of data

With line planning completely managed within YuniquePLM, the apparel division significantly reduced data discrepancies in the first season alone. This freed up employees to focus on further refining processes and analyzing data to ensure the next season would be even more successful. They also eliminated five weeks of time in product development, enabling sales teams to have samples in hand much earlier. YuniquePLM also made it easier to project material lead times.


Case highlights

The Client: One of the world's leading marketers of branded casual, active lifestyle, work, outdoor sport footwear and apparel.

The Challenge: Despite best efforts, the company's apparel division was struggling with inconsistent data maintained by multiple teams in spreadsheet and report format. They believed they could realize a competitive advantage by integrating product development and supply chain into one system, giving them access to one version of the truth.

The Solution: The customer opted to deploy YuniquePLM at every level of the business to connect design, product development, line management, planning/logistics and sourcing teams.

The Benefits: The division eliminated data discrepancies and freed up time to focus more energy on product development and on streamlining internal processes. The company reduced cycle time by five weeks, thereby lengthening its selling season in the first season alone. In addition, they now have reliable data to make informed product decisions.


Key benefits

  • 5 weeks reduction in product development cycle time in the first season alone
  • Integrating key players earlier meant that customer's team was smarter, faster and better equipped to make informed decisions
  • Sample availability earlier in the market meant more 'selling time'
  • Integrating sourcing partners meant that there was more predictability in material lead times
  • The customer expects to realize significant economies of scale as YuniquePLM is extended to other brands

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