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Aqua Fermetures invested in rollers and automated, digital cutting solutions

Over the course of the next few years, Aqua Fermetures hopes to double or even triple their production by integrating new digital cutting tools, allowing them to solidify their place in the competitive swimming pool market.


Accelerate production speed

Pool liner and swimming pool cover manufacturer, Aqua Fermetures, produces

  • 1,500 liners per year,
  • about 1,000 bar covers and
  • 1,000 shutters per year for various professional customers.

The France-based company currently has a turnover of 4 million Euros and is rapidly growing.

Currently, the swimming pool industry is quickly increasing by 40% causing a major increase in demand. While companies who still rely on hand cutting and other manual processes are struggling to remain competitive in the booming market, Aqua Fermetures is able to easily meet market demands due to their investment in technology.

Higher cutting capacity & increased productivity

Prior to integrating technology into their workflow, Aqua Fermetures relied on manual processes, which only allowed them to produce five or six liners per day. Not only were their previous processes time consuming, but it also required a large amount of labor.

In November of 2015, Aqua Fermetures invested in Gerber Technology’s rollers and automated, digital cutting solutions which allowed them to modernize and evolve their business. With Gerber, Aqua Fermetures gained enormously in terms of quality, precision, fall rate and profitability, allowing them to produce 30 liners per day.

The company has been able to double their cutting capacity and improve their productivity by 40%. More importantly, Aqua Fermetures is able to get a precise cut the first time, eliminating the need for recutting. “I’ve been using Gerber for about 15 years now,” remarked Mr. Appery.

“I know that Gerber is the best positioned in the sector in terms of cutting machines in the swimming pool industry. Gerber offers simplicity and reliability that make it one of the best on the market.”

In addition to the automated cutting solutions, Aqua Fermetures also invested in Gerber’s CAD design, piece nesting and tool-path programming, for their design office. CutWorks allows the company to easily position parts for maximum efficiency. The modular software has helped Aqua Fermetures save on materials and enables them to cut as intelligently as possible, resulting in a 15-20% improvement in productivity.

Today, a swimming pool industry that does not have a cutter cannot progress, or even work

Marc Appery

Production Manager at Aqua Fermetures

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