With 18 fashion brands to its name, Baroque Japan is a rising star in Japan’s fashion landscape. First launched as “MOUSSY” in 2000, the company’s edgy streetwear look quickly catapulted the brand to success. Seventeen years later, Baroque now boasts 375 stores in Japan, 231 stores overseas, and recorded $636M in sales for the year ending January 2017.



As Baroque’s business expanded, so too did its infrastructure and overseas network. Sharing information between head office, suppliers and production sites in foreign countries posed unexpected challenges, while unstandardized working processes, protocols, and IT systems made collaboration between different divisions difficult. It became clear Baroque would need a more robust solution to keep up with the company’s growth.


Baroque chose Lectra Fashion PLM to connect its design, product development and production teams on one platform. The powerful product lifecycle management solution allowed the company to standardize workflow and gave them better visibility over their process, so they could troubleshoot problems, distribute workload evenly, and eliminate redundant and menial tasks. With product information centralized in a single database, teams in different countries could collaborate more easily. Overall work efficiency improved by 10%, shortening time to market by a month and supporting sales growth.

We can now store product information on a single platform, and our teams can share files and technical specs easily and instantaneously.

Hirofumi Yamazaki

Senior Managing Director

A screenshot of the Lectra Fashion PLM's interface.

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