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Boost profitability and advance sustainability initiatives with Made-to-order

Match demand with supply to eliminate overproduction, prevent stockouts and reduce textile waste.

Made-to-Order: The winning strategy to producing less and earning more

The Made-to-Order process helps fashion brands expand their product offer, build market resilience, and go to market faster than ever before. Fashion companies that produce products only after receiving an order reduces energy use and eliminates economic risk common to overproduction. The made-to-order process, capitalizes on integrating consumer demand data with production metrics to generate significant improvements in material efficiency.


The Made-to-Order production model enables fashion executives to increase profit margins and minimize operational costs without compromising on product quality, production speed or interferring with existing production processes.


Digital solutions empower organizations to achieve operational excellence

Fashion companies that take advantage of digital technology to optimize their processes with performance data and SMART KPIs avoid disruptions to their existing workflows—from order reception to the final cutting stages—and reduce the amount of effort needed to upskill their employees.

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Learn how to respond faster to consumer demand, increase supply chain agility and accelerate speed to market with Made-to-Order production

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