How a new breed of product development leaders is driving change and innovation

Discover how you can develop groundbreaking products and increase speed to market - at the same time 

drive change innovation

The product development process in fashion is undergoing transformation because of new consumer expectations.

How are today’s product development leaders using new technology and management skills to improve the process ?

With shorter trend cycles, there is mounting pressure on product developers to strike a fine balance between cost, quality and production time while adhering to new sourcing policies. Product development teams are the heart and soul of every company, communicating with designers, merchandisers, manufacturers and salespeople to bring ideas to life. With an increasing workload, leaders need to simplify and accelerate the process by giving their team members more data visibility. They need to centralize and share information coming from all supply chain actors to help their team members better analyze the business, streamline the validation process, and improve decision-making. 

Read our latest e-guide to discover:

1. How the process development process has changed
2. Today’s product development challenges
3. How today’s product development leaders are using technology to:

  • Provide better data visibility to enable collaboration and better decision-making
  • Provide direct access to the final consumer
  • Multi-task and be multi-disciplinary
  • Get their BOM libraries right

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