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EmPowering your Vector: Using connected maintenance to achieve outstanding cutting performance

Watch the recording of our digital event to take a closer look at our automotive cutting room 4.0 components, Vector, our best-in-class zero-buffer fabric-cutting solution and EmPower, our next-generation service package.

Vector, our automotive cutting equipment series

35% of the Vector fabric-cutting solutions bought by our automotive customers between 2002 and 2007 are still up and running, and maintained by Lectra, which demonstrates their longevity. Our star cutting equipment range boasts a cutting capacity of 9 cm of compressed fabric at the fastest speed, with near-to-zero buffer. Customers have attested to an impressive machine uptime rate of 99%.

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Go from Power to EmPower, our top-notch maintenance program  

To help our customers maximize payback from their cutting equipment, we are offering an all-new EmPower contract, our next-generation service package. The main difference between the former Power and EmPower contract is that our new maintenance program is now 100% digital, and fully integrated into the cutting room. With a brand-new series of applications, such as Knowledge Center, Maintenance Manager, Dashboard, Digital Support, users can now access centralized maintenance data and training sessions, and have remote technical support online without disrupting their ongoing production processes.  


Seeing is believing

Curious to know more about our cutting room 4.0 components?  Take a deep dive into EmPower and Vector by watching the recording of our product launch that took place on June 23, 2022. Our Product Manager, Angela Hezinger, and cutting room 4.0 Product Owner, Sylvain Leroux are going to give a detailed breakdown of these components and explain why it is advantageous to invest in both.

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About our experts

Angela Hezinger joined Lectra almost three years ago as Product Manager, in charge of the automotive marketing strategy, building on 15 years’ experience in product management.

A Product Lifecycle Management Expert for the last 15 years, Sylvain Leroux is the Product Owner of Lectra’s cutting room 4.0. He is in charge of translating business needs into software and hardware solutions.

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