Failure or Future: Why CIOs must Lead the Way to Digitalization

Discover why you are the key to your company’s success.

Title Failure or Future: Why CIOs must Lead the Way to Digitalization


It’s time for you to lead by providing your company with a vision for the future through technology.

Are you on the road to success… or failure?

You can help your company succeed by taking the lead. Be proactive. Carry a torch for change. Because you are the one who can lead your company to digitalization.

This E-Guide will show you how, with the right technology and tools, CIOs can help fashion companies:

  • Get rid of operational burdens
  • Provide fashion pros with adequate application
  • Avoid data security risks
  • Facilitate collaborative action by simplifying IT processes

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In the fashion world, where designers and famous brands star on the stage, CIOs and their IT teams have largely been active behind the scenes, responsible for automating the back office operations that enabled fashion stars to shine. Why CIO’s Must Lead the Way to Digitalization FAILURE OR FUTURE: We believe that simply maintaining the status quo – continuing to react to executive requests for technology services – is no longer a path to sucess. Instead, the same challenges that vex fashion enterprises can become extraordinary opportunities for growth – if CIOs are prepared to meet their fellow executives with illuminating insight, foresight, and most importantly, leadership. But as CIOs come under greater pressure to accommodate new brands… facilitate e-commerce… communicate to broader and more diverse markets… and fulfill manufacturing processes through more efficient digital tools, a reactive posture is no longer acceptable. And in fact, cannot bring the virtues of today’s best technologies to your business. In an ever more complex business and technology environment, true CIO leadership is more important than ever.