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Customization is virtually boundless on today’s fashion market. To survive in this continually changing, clothing brands and members of the supply chain network must rethink their relationships and streamline production processes.

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The building blocks of an agile transformation plan

Agile made-to-order production cycles are enabling fashion companies to respond more swiftly to trends and consumer demand. Innovative new market entrants have already harnessed the power of automation and analytics to more accurately forecast consumer demand and achieve significantly shorter turnaround cycles. The good news is the advantages of just-in-time production—faster time to market, reduced levels of overstock and better management of small-batch production cycles—can benefit even major players and established brands.

By adopting a more agile supply chain, mass-market players can become responsive enough to accelerate their speed to market. This enables fashion companies to minimize inventories on a scale broad enough to impact cash flow

On-demand production and sustainability go hand in hand

The on-demand model improves sustainability and transparency initiatives by closing the gap between businesses and their suppliers and customers. This contraction of the global supply chain enables companies to choose the highest quality suppliers and coordinate their efforts to achieve “zero waste” throughout their value chain. Businesses can leverage product data to optimize material efficiency, which in turn reduces energy demand and water consumption. Moreover, by matching production with demand, businesses can take advantage of nearshoring opportunities to lower transportation-associated carbon emissions.  


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To learn more about laying the foundation for an agile production value chain and delve into the many ways an on-demand production model can help companies capitalize on the customization trend, watch ourFashion LiveTalk: Are you ready for On-Demand?