Winning the Rack Race: Discover 3 Ways to Speed Collections Across the Finish Line.

Today’s consumers crave innovative and unique styles. This makes collection planning and development drastically more challenging for merchandisers. But all is possible if merchandisers focus on overcoming three challenges in order to win what we call the “rack race”.

Our latest e-guide, ‘Rack Race: 3 Ways to Speed Collections Across the Finish Line’ sheds light on the obstacles merchandisers face in today’s competitive fashion environment and what they can do to overcome them. 

As consumers get increasingly savvier each day, merchandisers need to catch up by planning and developing collections that are relevant, without sacrificing quality. All this while facing time and cost constraints.

This is what we call a “rack race”. 

Read this e-guide to discover:

  • What the rack race is all about and why the need for speed in fashion
  • The three main challenges for merchandisers, and how to overcome them
  • What they must do to win

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