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In the fashion market, which has to be increasingly receptive to new demands and reactive to change, the digitalization of processes can be a valuable ally at all stages of production, from the design of a garment to sale.

What added value is provided by digitalizing processes and using the cloud within workflows?

In the last few years, the product engineering process has undergone profound changes in terms of speed and the amount of data transmitted from one phase to the next. While managers have a good overview and overall control of the process as a whole, everyone, across all  the teams, needs this 360° vision.

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To allow this, full data accessibility is necessary to facilitate collaboration and make decision-making more efficient and streamlined, especially considering that sharing does not stop with a collection launch; it continues with the gathering, analysis and interpretation of sales data and direct feedback from consumers. If all this information is entered into a fashion PLM : a single management platform, it becomes an invaluable asset that makes the whole process, from style planning to analyzingsis of sales data, more dynamic.


To be competitive, a scalable, flexible and constantly accessible technology is necessary

Fashion demands increasing speed, flexibility, process integration and immediate communication between different teams. To achieve these objectives and be competitive in the market, professionals ideally need a technology that enables all tasks to be brought together in a digital environment: It must be an open, scalable and flexible solution that can be expanded and enhanced based on Industry 4.0 logic, accommodating the requirements and requests of its user companies. To enable everyone in the process – inside and outside the company – to interact quickly and easily, the system must also be intuitive with a simple user interface based on every-day communication tools such as, like search engines and instant messaging tools.

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