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Lectra Fashion PLM V5: The Details

In our last post we announced the update of our Fashion PLM solution. This upgrade will help you increase workflow ease and efficiency with a more intuitive, easy to use, navigation.

Lectra Fashion PLM V5: The Details

The user experience refresh ensures that you find the information you need in less time, have more visibility over production cycles and access to features that help reduce fabric and product costs.  But you must be wondering, how?

Here’s a detailed look of what you can expect:


Enhanced UX Design

Easy access to more detailed information such as product specifications via an intuitive and visually appealing user interface.


Product Costing Scenario

Determine your product’s optimal cost structure by running multiple cost simulations via consolidated summary views.


Material Forecast

Accurately estimate the fabric consumption for your future collections and simulate different purchase-order scenarios.


Learn more about the upgrade and how it can boost overall production efficiency

This latest release reaches new heights by extending its process coverage to pre-production stages for brands and retailers.