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Lectra Fashion PLM & you: the CEO

As the head of your company you need to find a way for your brand to stand out amongst your competitors.

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Your products need to be unique but at the same time, satisfy consumer needs, and delivered within short time-frames.

Hence, your entire design-to-production process has to be efficient and fuss-free, leaving no time to waste. Your teams cannot be burdened by technical hiccups and overlapping tasks. They need the time to not only create, but also to transform unique and innovative designs into reality efficiently which will eventually help you develop your brand DNA.


Three things that will be top of mind:

  1. How to maintain profit margins while preserving the quality and the DNA of your brand? 

  2. How to improve your overall performance by increasing organizational efficiency?
  3. How to speed up your processes in order to adapt to market demand?



So how do you maintain profit margins while preserving the quality and the DNA of your brand?

One important of the key elements of maintaining profit margins is to keep your costs under control. This means less time wasted on non value-added activities, less fabric wastage, less technical hiccups and errors caused by miscommunication. Streamlining all your processes is the very first and important step. You will need a 360° view of your entire design-to-production process for that.  A collaborative platform in which all design and product development tools are integrated will provide you with that.

That way, you can get identify and clear all your roadblocks which will help your design and production development teams work seamlessly together, leaving no chance for errors.

Avoiding overspending is another key element of increasing profitability.  That big picture should also include information on the performance of your previous collections, which will help and hasten your decision-making  process for the next collection’s budget.

To build a strong brand identity, your design and collection planning teams play an important role in maintaining visual consistency in all your collections. Making sure that they are consistent in their communication and also with your vision is extremely important, so having a platform that helps you keep up with each team’s day-to-day activities will come in handy.



How do you improve your overall performance by increasing organizational efficiency?

If you want to increase your overall performance, you need to continuously assure that the organization of your company is at its best.

Having a collaborative PLM platform will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire design-to-production process of your company, enabling you to identify and clear all the organizational hiccups in your processes. Doing so will also help each of your teams focus and perform better on their tasks and explore their full potential.

Connecting all your teams together on a single platform will improve the communication flow and get them organized, avoiding overlapping tasks and errors.  A collaborative work strategy will be established between these teams as a result.



How do you speed up your processes to adapt to customer demands?

By clearing organizational roadblocks, overlapping tasks and errors, a well-defined and streamlined design-to-production process will be formed which will dramatically increase speed to market.

That way, your collections will be delivered on-trend and on time, making YOUR company a leader in the fashion industry.



This is the first part in a 3-part series that highlights how the right Fashion PLM solution benefits an entire organization from the CEO, to a designer to the head of merchandising.