On-Demand report 2019 presented by Lectra and Sourcing Journal

Paradigm Shift: The emerging ecosystems, improved economics and operational evolution fostering on-demand business models in apparel.

On demand Report

Major forces are at work behind fashion’s shift from supply chain to demand chain. Mass personalization and customization represent a transformative trend driving many players to redefine their production models. Consumers’ seemingly unbound appetite for product co-creation, unique purchasing experiences and continual renewal of fashion collections further complexifies challenges faced by manufacturers.

Whatever their stage of maturity, members of the fashion ecosystem large and small will have to ready their business for the digital demands of their customers and retail consumers. To gauge current trends and consumer sentiment, Lectra is pleased to present the 2019 edition of the On-Demand Report, produced in partnership with Sourcing Journal, the top-tier voice for garment sourcing and manufacturing industry thought leaders.

Personalized product offerings and agile new ways of working

Inside the report, you’ll find exciting real-world examples of business enablement through novel new applications of digital technologies. From custom color combinations and embroidered details ordered online to precision garment fit using 3D technology or customer inputs, clothing is taking on an increasing degree of personalization—to the delight of discerning shoppers.

Supplier-side, many walls are coming down to increase business agility and cut lead-time. Joint product development and streamlined collaboration and communication are some of the major changes being instituted in the aim to achieve cost reduction, inventory reduction and improved customer service.

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