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“We were looking to employ a truly ground-breaking and future-oriented system. When we first met Lectra and took the initial step together, it rapidly became apparent that Lectra shared our forward-thinking mindset.” 


To satisfy growing consumer demand for personalization without sacrificing quality, profitability or production speed, Polipol teamed up with Lectra to build a leading-edge leather upholstery manufacturing plant. Equipped with Lectra leather-cutting solutions and run using an optimized production process developed by the two teams, the new facility enables Polipol to increase the flexibility and efficiency of their leather cutting process on multiple levels.


The furniture market is progressively shifting towards customized and individual furniture with increasingly complex product ranges. The challenge for Polipol is to adapt to these consumer demands while maintaining the manufacture and delivery of competitively priced furniture at an adequate pace.


Lectra brought their full range of extensive expertise to the Polipol project. VersalisFurniture and offline nesting separates flaw identification and nesting from the cutting process. The evaluation of leather quality and suppliers on the arrival of the hides ensures flexibility, increases efficiency and reduces waste to slash manufacturing time and maximize efficiency.

"In terms of the realization of our ideas in the cutting area, Lectra is an indispensable partner for us."

Gerd J. Hemmerling

Chief Executive Officer

Furniture Production


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