Retviews trend alert: culotte trousers – A must for summer

Summer has officially started. June was a month full of events like Pride, Fashion Week, end-of-season sales, and the changing over of fashion collections. Bye-bye sweaters and jumpers, hello little summer dresses and shorts! But which short is the must-have style of the season? 

Key Takeaways

• Culottes trousers and wide cuts are coming in hot this summer. 

• Sustainability efforts are less visible in the trousers category for these new arrivals. Is there an opportunity in this area? 

• Bright, sunny orange colors or flowery pastels like lilac and mint for summer? Why not both?


Are Trousers Coming Back as Strong as Shorts?

No matter what season we’re in, t-shirts and dresses are almost always the top categories for new arrivals. So it comes as no surprise to find these items in the number-one spots in June, especially with the change of the seasons. It’s time to change up our wardrobes by trading those long sleeves for tank tops, and long dresses for miniskirts. 



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An interesting new entry in the top categories is trousers. Along with summer essentials like shorts and swimwear, trousers came on strong in June.

With almost the same volume as shorts, will culotte trousers be the summer essential fashion retailers should promote? Perhaps this would offer more versatility to their consumers. 

Culotte Trousers Are a MUST This Summer

Trousers rival shorts and swimwear among top categories this year, and summery pants are a standout. Retviews data — which includes analysis of 30 fashion retailers like H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, and Mango, and covers markets like France, Germany, and Spain — shows that formal trousers are a minor focus, and wide and culotte trousers are prominently featured.


Culotte trousers and other wider fits provide more comfort and strike the right balance between casual and smart, making culottes an ideal choice for summer wardrobes. 

Opportunities to Invest in More-Sustainable Fabrics? 

While sustainability is on the agenda of all CEOs and companies, Retviews data shows us that sustainable fabrics have not been high on the priority list for trousers. 



In the trousers category, the most-used fabric is virgin cotton. Next comes other materials in the blend: polyester and viscose. Could there be an opportunity for fashion retailers to move more toward sustainable alternatives in this department? Despite the scarcity of organic cotton, recycled alternatives, such as polymer-based fabrics, could be an opportunity to invest. 

Bright, Sunny Oranges to Warm Up Your Wardrobe

Black, blue, and pink are the colors we usually see most frequently in collections, and, in terms of the number of articles in those colors, they always come first. 


However, combining the volume of new articles and the percentage of new arrivals in colors gives a good insight into which colors are growing in popularity. In that case, various shades of warm orange have seen the highest increase in the assortment. 

Moreover, purple hues, especially lilac tones, and light mint, are also standouts out in the summer collections, and green shades are all over social media. Should we expect a revival of the color for the summer season? 

Al Fresco Evenings Call for Fresh Fashion Statements

Summer has arrived, and the collections are full of fresh, vibrant colors meant to lift consumers’ hearts after a long, gloomy period of lockdowns. Investing in culotte trousers and wide cuts for this summer could be a great strategic move. 

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