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Skyline Home Group partners with Lectra for the first time to empower its long-term business development

Skyline has decided to purchase two Versalis digital leather cutters


Skyline chose Lectra as its key partner for its sofa cutting solutions

Lectra’s advanced technology and digital leather cutting solutions are tried and tested and are well-known in the fur- niture market. Lectra’s Versalis digital leather cutting solution provides fully automated, interconnected, and inte- grated leather management and cutting, and demonstrates outstanding flexibility, stability, and high performance.

Productivity and leather usage are significantl improved, mainly reflected in leather cutting efficiency of up to 20 hides an hour (the industry average is  about  10  hides/hour). The  leather usage rate increased by 10% or more (compared to manual feeding), and zero-buffer cutting is achievable.

Skyline Home Group is committed to entering the era of digital manufacturing. Lectra’s Cutting Room 4.0 and smart interconnected technology are a natural match for its long-term growth.


Skyline needed to accelerate its transition into the Industry 4.0 era

Since it was established in 2007, Skyline has constantly devoted itself to design and R&D, as well as artisanal manufacturing in the upholstered sofa field.

Over the past 15 years it has ridden the wave and forged ahead, and by 2022 it had become a large furniture company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service.

Today, Skyline harnesses modernized manufacturing and logistics systems, and has successively established six large manufacturing bases in Kunshan, Florence (Italy), Shangqiu, Nantong, Changshu, and Dangshan. It has also established a national operations center in Shanghai, reasserting its dream of providing comfortable furniture to millions of families worldwide.

Skyline’s rapid strategic development, both domestically and overseas, encouraged the group to accelerate its transition into the Industry 4.0 era. Its business model upgrade with centralized cutting made Skyline set even more rigorous requirements to increase quality standards, as well as productivity, for its sofa products. Cutting flexibility was essential to enable it to make further savings on raw materials while at the same time changing patterns with ease and speed.

Skyline's original equipment was unable to fulfill and respond to it's overall strategic plan and rapidly changing business needs. Upgrading the cutters was therefore a critical link in upgrading Skyline’s business model. Skyline originally adopted a cutting method combining manual work with semi- automated equipment.

Versalis Furniture 4.0-ready digital leather-cutting line

With the help of the all-new Versalis cutting platform, we have been able to increase Skyline Group’s productivity, and have enhanced our material e ciency while ensuring consistent quality from beginning to end. We believe that Lectra’s cutting- edge expertise will empower us to develop Skyline’s business. Skyline Home Group has broken into Industry 4.0, and officially entered the new era of digital manufacturing.

Yang Hancheng

President, Skyline Home Group

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Productivity and material utilization rates were relatively low, and standardization of product quality was difficult to achieve. Following numerous investigations, Skyline chose Lectra as its key partner for its sofa cutting solutions.

Versalis Furniture, 4.0-ready digital leather-cutting line

Keeping up with emerging furniture trends is critical to remain competitive in today’s continually changing market. That’s why finding fast, efficient, cost-effective ways to satisfy the latest consumer expectations is essential.

From hide digitization to offloading, Lectra’s Versalis all-in-one cutting line brings value, speed and precision to your leather cutting room. Combined with a full suite of furniture development, industrialization and pre-production solutions, Versalis helps you boost productivity and deliver furniture to market quickly and profitably.

When used in association with DesignConcept2D or Formaris, you can simplify patternmaking with pre-production software applications that allow you to control costs, minimize waste and shorten production cycles.