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Tecnica Group, sportswear giant, uses Kubix Link

Tecnica Group Reaches the Summit of Success with World-Class Product Information Management (PIM) Technology


To thrive in the digital era, developing good-quality products is not sufficient anymore. With the rise of e-commerce, communicating the right information to consumers and reaching them at every touchpoint is just as important. Italian footwear and winter sportswear powerhouse Tecnica Group was expanding rapidly, with six internationally renowned brands such as Moon Boot, Blizzard, Nordica, Rollerblade, Lowa and its own namesake label under its belt. As it acquired more companies, it inherited a whole host of IT systems and diverse data types. To increase overall efficiency, there was an urgent need to connect all IT systems together, and unite all subsidiaries and production plants. 

Going omni-channel with an expanding product range

In order to appeal to their digitally attuned consumers, they had to ensure data integrity and communicate the right product information to them at every touchpoint, across all channels and on all e-commerce websites, before their competitors do. In the world of sportswear, precision is key. How did Tecnica Group, with an annual production capacity of over 3 million pairs of trekking and mountain shoes, 328,000 pairs of skis and 692, 000 pairs of ski boots, manage to win over their consumers with the help of Kubix Link: the ultimate fashion PLM software ?

Tecnica Group chooses Kubix Link

Lectra proposed to equip Tecnica Group with Kubix Link, a cloud-based solution with built-in PLM, PIM, and DAM capabilities that help fashion companies create a 360° consumer experience. It has enabled all team members to collaborate by connecting all their supply chain actors and other systems such as ERP, CRM and WMS from design, to storefront through actionable data. Kubix Link’s configurability allowed them to focus solely on product data management. Thanks to this technology, Tecnica Group has been able to establish a single, reliable source of information for six separate brands and over twenty production plants.

With Kubix Link we can centralize the product information coming from the whole supply chain, make it available to everyone in the value chain and also share it with consumers via e-commerce, web and marketplace interfaces throughout the world.

Cristiano Simonetto

CIO Tecnica Group

Customer story

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