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The business sense behind equipment upgrades

Cutting room equipment upgrades and service contract coverage are both effective ways to prevent costly disruption and minimize downtime.

Prepare your cutting room for tomorrow

To stay competitive in an industry where the need for digital transformation is intensifying, optimizing the fabric-cutting process with data intelligence and connectivity is a must. Investing in new equipment makes it possible to improve product quality while deriving maximum value from manufacturing materials and resources.

A cutting room upgrade can lower costs by improving safety, facilitating process automation, and delivering higher returns through improved energy efficiency.

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5 good reasons to replace your outdated cutting equipment

For multi-ply cutters

Multi-ply cutters vs. aging fabric cutters 10 years and older

For single-ply cutters

Single-ply cutters vs. aging fabric cutters 10 years and older

For leather cutters

Digital leather cutters vs. aging leather cutters 10 years and older


Why replace aging or outdated cutting equipment?

Productivity increases inversely in proportion to downtime, which means that to maximize output, you must minimize time lost to stoppages and breakdowns. By upgrading your cutting room equipment, you can improve process efficiency, contributing to the level of product quality delivered to your customer base.


When is the right time to upgrade cutting equipment?

Older machinery requires significantly more maintenance. Because aging cutting equipment tends to break down more often, routine repairs and calibration are needed more frequently, causing disruption to production. Acquiring newer equipment and covering existing equipment with a service contract are both effective ways of covering maintenance requirements.


Which factors should guide your purchasing decision?

Every manufacturing operation needs to quickly resolve downtime and rapidly deploy resources in the event of breakdown. Without proper maintenance, businesses may find themselves faced with longer wait times or parts delays before machinery becomes fully functional.

Several important factors should be taken into consideration when weighing the possibility of a cutting room upgrade or service contract coverage:

  • Advanced cutters contribute to a lean cutting room by streamlining fabric loading, cutting, offloading and maintenance.
  • Superior cutting head speed and accuracy enable manufacturers to cut more fabric faster.
  • Best-in-class hardware, software and consumables ensure the highest possible levels of machine availability and cutting quality.
  • Sensors, optics and automation capabilities enable predictive maintenance for real-time monitoring.
  • Preventive maintenance plans dramatically minimize the risk of breakdown and help manufacturers gauge an estimated time to repair.
  • Service contracts help ensure parts and skilled technicians are available in the event of breakdown.