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Urmi Group surmounts productivity challenges with a connected cutting room

Bangladesh’s leading garment manufacturer achieves a complete, automated process—from patternmaking to cutting—with Lectra solutions

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Urmi Group aims to continue boosting growth with speedier delivery

Urmi Group, one of Bangladesh’s leading ready-to-wear clothing manufacturers, has grown from a small family-run company to become a four-factory corporate group, employing over 11,000 people and producing 160,000 pieces of clothing daily.

As brands push for faster delivery in order to get on-trend clothing to market, Urmi must increase speed, accuracy and efficiency at every step of the process. However, the company’s previous process made it difficult to keep up with shorter lead times.


A manual process that hinders productivity, fabric optimization and quality

The company struggled with three main challenges:

  • Low productivity due to the limitations of a manual process
  • Quality issues as they had to produce different knit garments
  • Lack of data regarding fabric consumption

The strength of the 15-year relationship between Urmi Group and Lectra is what compelled the Group to look to Lectra for help. Lectra proposed its automated marker making, patternmaking and fabric cutting solutions: Flex Offer, Modaris and VectorFashion.  


Optimized fabric use, increased production capacity and faster delivery times with an integrated production process

Urmi Group was thrilled with the results attained from using Lectra’s solutions. The combination of the three solutions has enabled the company to produce at optimal speed, achieve significant fabric savings, minimize waste, and accelerate delivery times to customers


Urmi Group and Lectra have built a strong relationship over the past 15 years. Our confidence in Lectra is based on the company’s commitment to continuous innovation.

Asif Ashraf

Managing Director, Urmi Group


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