Why the fashion industry should use SaaS

How can companies get their hands on the latest innovations without the added hassle?

Fashion trends change faster than the seasons and in order for fashion and apparel companies to thrive, they need to be able to deliver products to market quickly and at the right time. For brands, retailers and manufacturers to deliver in the on-demand world, they need to have the latest technologies at their fingertips. 

Having the latest technological advancements at your disposal gives you a major advantage over the competition but it often comes with a large price tag and a long-term contract. A majority of software upgrades often require a time-consuming process and a learning curve. So how can companies get their hands on the latest innovations without the added hassle?


Always have access to the latest and greatest

One of the biggest problems with software is that you don’t always get the latest version as it comes out. Due to contracts and cost, it may take months to get your hands on the latest version which greatly affects your ability to keep up with those who are able to get the newest features immediately. 

With SaaS, getting the latest features is made simple. Those on subscription don’t have to wait to upgrade their software. SaaS users gain access to the latest version of the software as upgrades are rolled out, for no additional cost.

Get up and running quickly

While software upgrades offer a ton of great new features, many people often run into issues when using new software. Whether it be not knowing how to use the new features or problems with the software itself that haven’t been worked out yet, software upgrades can often cause unnecessary stress on the user. 

SaaS not only gives you the benefit of having the latest version but it also delivers the added bonus of service and support that help make the transition smooth. Those who use a SaaS model benefit by being able to learn all about the software quickly, decreasing downtime by helping get new users acquainted quickly.   

Seamlessly connect your supply chain

A fully connected supply chain is becoming a necessity in today’s on-demand world. In order to deliver products quickly and on-time, being able to seamlessly pass data throughout the supply chain is a major key to success. However, having a full suite of integrated solutions can be costly. 

Many subscription-based software models allow users to subscribe to suites of software, alleviating the cost of buying them separately. The software suites give users access to a variety of different products that all work together to create a connected workflow.

Bring agility to your workflow

With Gerber’s new subscription-based model, you are able to fully unleash your creative abilities by bundling the latest versions of your favorite software solutions together to deliver products to market quickly and on time. Gerber will begin their subscription offering with the TechDesign Bundle which will feature AccuMark® 2D and AccuMark 3D.

Gerber’s subscription offering is backed by high-quality support and training through Gerber University and our Gerber Community, allowing you to get up and running quickly. The subscription-based model gives you the competitive advantage you need to always stay up-to-date with what’s now trending.  

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