The LECTRA Collection

The software suite for the fashion industry.

Meet the LECTRA collection

Imagine being able to add specialists to your team who can…

  • Monitor your competitors’ offerings and pricing in 70% less time
  • Streamline your collection lifecycle — from design through sales
  • Unify access to real-time product data across all channels
  • Optimize your distribution across 80+ fashion marketplaces

That’s the power of adding Lectra’s software suite to your operations. Each solution makes it easier for your team to do more — more efficiently.

Better yet, our experts will work closely with you to choose and tailor the right platforms for your needs — and seamlessly integrate them into your processes.

The software suite that powers the fashion industry

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Pinko undergoes a digital transformation to unify collaboration and boost sales

Thanks to the digital platforms Kubix Link PLM, PIM and Retviews, today PINKO can share product information among the different teams, boost online sales and optimize the customer experience.

Marco Ruffa

Digital Transformation Director


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