Composite materials and technical textiles

Lectra addresses the needs of companies seeking ways of optimizing the use of composite materials and technical textiles.

DELIVERING PRODUCTIVITY AND SAVINGSCompanies in aerospace, wind energy and other sectors are constantly looking for ways to optimize the use of complex and costly composites and technical textiles. Processes using composite materials take data from 2D computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Then this has to be converted and prepared for use by marker-making and automated cutting solutions. DesignConcept undertakes this task quickly and seamlessly, eliminating repeated tasks and avoiding errors, while ensuring interoperability throughout the process.


Design solution and cutting machine for composite materials, technical textile - Lectra

From design to cutting, Lectra’s solutions obtain the lowest cost per cut piece to ensure unmatched productivity.

USING MATERIAL MORE EFFICIENTLY Lectra’s Diamino enables manufacturers to use costly and complex materials much more efficiently. Automatic marker-making guarantees both consistent marker quality and 2% to 5% material savings. It automates tedious, repetitive tasks, freeing skilled personnel to concentrate on those areas where they bring more value. Automatic nesting also saves time in data preparation and significantly reduces the risk of human error. Capable of handling the most complex forms, in the thickest stacks, Vector is available in several configurations, supporting single-ply and multi-ply cutting to meet the specific needs of the most diverse industrial products.


OBTAINING HIGH THROUGHPUT, QUALITY AND TRACEABILITY Reducing space between pieces while ensuring high-speed, high-quality cutting, Vector delivers the optimum balance between material savings, quality and productivity. Traceability may be an obligation in some industries using composite materials. With automatic labeling or inkjet printing on cut parts, Vector enables users to satisfy this obligation. After cutting, parts to be offloaded are grouped by color on screen, simplifying the process and reducing the risk of error.




PROTECTING OPERATORS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Operator comfort is at the heart of Lectra’s solutions. From Diamino to Vector, they have been ergonomically designed to be user friendly and intuitive. Health and safety regulations around the world are becoming ever more stringent. A vacuum system during cutting reduces the dispersion of particles that could adversely affect the health of operators and have a negative impact on equipment and the environment. Immaterial barriers ensure operator safety around the cutting area. With its ‘Energy Saver’ mode available across the full range, Vector offers more effective control of power consumption and provides up to 30% energy saving compared to standard cutters.


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MANAGING CHANGE TO DELIVER OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE From implementation to sustainability and continuous improvement, Lectra provides ongoing support to its customers in overcoming their challenges. Through its project and change management approach, Lectra’s business consultants and solution specialists work closely with customers to develop a tailored evolution plan. This, combined with hands-on training, allows users to be operational and efficient as soon as possible. Built on unique embedded technology and 40 years of experience, Lectra’s services deliver unprecedented equipment availability of up to 98%.