Lectra factsheet


Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions—software, CAD/CAM equipment, and associated services—specifically designed for industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles, and composite materials to manufacture their products. It serves major world markets: fashion and apparel, automotive, and furniture, as well as a broad array of other industries (aeronautics, marine, wind power, etc).




A transnational company of more than 1,500 employees, Lectra has developed privileged relationships with prestigious customers in over 100 countries, contributing to their operational excellence. Lectra’s solutions, specific to each industry, enable customers to automate and optimize product design, development, and manufacturing. In fashion and apparel, they are integrated in an unrivalled offer for collection management, facilitating collaboration and enhancing the value of customers’ brand equity. Established in 1973 and based in France, Lectra generated revenues of €238 million ($264 million) in 2015 and is listed on Euronext.


Lectra’s unparalleled international network of 34 subsidiaries enables it to partner with major fashion brands and worldwide manufacturing groups wherever they are located to help them overcome the challenges of operating in a globalized economy.
Its international and local teams combine customer business expertise and a command of technologies to bring global and local projects to a successful conclusion, while respecting different cultures.
Furthermore, experts in Lectra’s five in-house Call Centers in Bordeaux, Shanghai, Milan, Madrid and Atlanta help customers maintain maximum productivity by taking control of their software and equipment remotely, through a secure connection.



Lectra employs 175 business experts, solutions experts and project managers to ensure that customers receive the highest possible level of expertise and customer care.
These experts provide consulting, assessment, project management and training services and rely on industry best practices to boost customers’ performance.


Lectra has always been a pioneer: this has driven its competitiveness. Passion for innovation is an integral part of daily life. Lectra is determined to maintain its technological leadership in order to guarantee the excellence of its offer and will pursue its sustained investment in R&D, which has amounted to €174 million ($231 million) over the past ten years (9% of revenues). Moreover, the decision to keep Lectra’s R&D and production in France has enabled the company to increase the value of its offer.




The international advanced technology and conference center (IATC) in Bordeaux-Cestas (France) is Lectra’s innovation hub, devoted entirely to customers. It allows visitors to explore the most recent Lectra solutions dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of their products, and to perform cutting tests under their own production conditions. As an international meeting place and destination for events and seminars, the IATC provides a highly modern environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.


Lectra has always been committed to the training of future fashion and apparel professionals. Its partnership program encompasses more than 850 educational institutions from 60 countries.




Lectra contributes to their educational approach by equipping them free of charge with over 60,000 licenses for collection design and management software and by training teaching staff on Lectra’s latest technologies.


Lectra is listed on Euronext. 36% of the company’s capital is held by André Harari, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Daniel Harari, CEO.


Lectra factsheet