Lectra factsheet


Supporting companies in Industry 4.0

To strengthen their competitiveness, Lectra’s customers are implementing wide-scale technological upgrades and setting up more cooperative, agile and efficient organizations. Lectra’s comprehensive, high valueadded offer combines software, cutters, data and services to equip companies with solutions that are essential to the deployment of Industry 4.0.


  • 2007 : 2007: Lectra is a pioneer in the Industrial Internet of Things
  • 2017 : 2017: Launch of an offer combining Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on the cloud
  • 2018 : 2018: One acquisition and four solutions bring Lectra’s customers into Industry 4.0
    • Acquisition of the startup Kubix Lab
    • A personalization offer for fashion: Fashion On Demand by Lectra
    • A production-on-demand offer for furniture: Furniture Made to Order
    • A digital platform: Lectra’s Cutting Room 4.0
    • An intelligent cutting solution: Virga

Solutions for each market

Lectra develops solutions specifically designed for each market, supported by specialized teams. Its premium positioning is also reflected in the longterm partnerships it has established with major players in these industries.


FASHION: PLM and CAD software, cutting room solutions and expert services to manage collections, develop and produce garments, accessories and footwear


AUTOMOTIVE: integrated solutions for cutting rooms and expert services dedicated to suppliers of airbags, seats and interior components, in leather and fabric


FURNITURE: CAD software, cutting room solutions and expert services for upholstered furniture manufacturers




Innovation, both incremental and disruptive, is part of Lectra’s DNA. It is a passion the company embodies on a daily basis - a hallmark of the technological leadership on which the value of its offer is based. Lectra’s technological campus in Bordeaux-Cestas is a powerful innovation accelerator.

  • 352 employees dedicated to the design and development of the offer
  • $36.4 million dedicated to R&D in 2018


Lectra creates more than technology - it creates value. The business expertise of its teams, their indepth knowledge of best practices in each industry segment and the use of data are at the center of its value proposition.


  • 4 pillars – premium positioning, 3 strategic markets, customer focus and 4.0 services
  • 540 consultants, solution experts and project managers


Within the Customer Success team, Lectra’s call center experts work remotely and in real time to support customers on a daily basis and contribute to their success. Lectra’s International Advanced Technology and Conference Center (IATC) offers its visitors an immersive and personalized experience of the solutions dedicated to their industry.


  • 5 international call centers
  • 3 IATCs - Bordeaux, Atlanta, Shanghai

Global presence

Lectra’s international network is unrivalled among its competitors. Thanks to the business and technological expertise of its teams, Lectra carries out all types of projects, local or international, with respect for different cultures.


  • 32 subsidiaries and a presence in more than 100 countries
  • Employees from more than 50 nationalities

Breakdown of 2018 revenues


Lectra is listed on Euronext. Daniel Harari, CEO, owns 17.3% of Lectra’s shares. The free float is above 80%.

Press Contact: Nathalie Fournier-Christol - 16-18, rue Chalgrin – 75016 Paris - France - +33 (0)1 53 64 42 37 – n.fournier-christol@lectra.com

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