Lectra factsheet


Lectra is the world leader in high-tech solutions – product design and development software, cutting machines and associated services – designed to help fashion and apparel, automotive and furniture companies to achieve operational excellence and grow their competitiveness. Lectra integrates Industry 4.0 concepts to ensure its
customers throughout the world are a step ahead.





Lectra has assisted customers with their value creation strategies since 1973. The industry-specific expertise of Lectra’s teams, and their knowledge of best practice in each market sector, are at the heart of the company’s value proposition. Determined to further develop its role as a driving force in the evolution of customers' business, Lectra invests heavily in developing its teams.

  • 200 business consultants, solutions experts and project managers
  • 290 call center experts and local intervention teams.



To meet changing market demands and improve competitiveness, Lectra's customers are undertaking large-scale technology deployments and setting up more collaborative, agile and efficient organizational structures, which they know are key to their industrial transformation. As a pioneer of the industrial Internet of Things as early as 2007, Lectra is the only company in its sector to market the full range of added-value products and services essential to the deployment of Industry 4.0.

From 2017, Lectra will gradually incorporate Software as a Service (SaaS) and the cloud. This will give customers the flexibility they need to leverage smart solutions and services, and to equip them with production equipment compatible with connected factory concepts.

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