Flex Offer by Lectra: automated, cloud-based marker processing

The perfect match for your high-volume nesting process


Introducing Flex Offer by Lectra

When it comes to high-volume nesting, your priorities can seem to clash. Like more complexity but less waste. Or variable workloads yet consistent results.

Create the harmony you need – across costing, procurement and production activities – with Flex Offer by Lectra. The cloud-based, automatic nesting solution helps you handle complex calculations, fast-track orders and spikes in demand. So, you can stay flexible. And offer more.

Customer voice

“With Flex Offer by Lectra, we have been able to automate part of our manufacturing process thereby optimising our material consumption and reducing overhead costs.”

Lakmal Fernando

CEO, Inqube

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What You’ll Gain

3 activities in 1 application

Choose between urgent, standard and strategic tracks to balance speed, efficiency, cost and deadlines – for each activity

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