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Footwear Cutting Room 4.0 Process

Achieve the ultimate in flexibility, cost reduction and innovation with a digitalized footwear cutting room 4.0 process.


VectorFootwear machines are versatile and can be used for all manufacturing models and types of footwear textiles to help you produce at optimal speed and efficiency. Whether you are producing low volumes (VectorFootwear iX) or high volumes (VectorFootwear iX6), wide or small product ranges, you can always achieve operational excellence with a VectorFootwear cutting room.

Your challenges

Delivering comfort and style with shorter lead times

Dies cannot provide the speed and flexibility necessary to manage the increasing array of styling in the footwear market. Agile production allows a company to adapt to variable production volumes, even for small series. The footwear factory of the future will be a smart factory, Lectra is the right partner to make this happen.

Customer voice

The cutting solution delivered by Lectra enables us to be faster and have efficiency gains of between 3% to 4%

Jonas Schneider

Development & New Technologies Manager, Dass / Brazil

Explore new possibilities

What if you could…

The Lectra advantage

Step into the future of digital production

Lectra draws on its experience in the footwear industry and expertise in advanced technology to help footwear companies around the world improve the versatility and performance of their production process. Lectra’s software, hardware and professional services allow companies to optimize efficiency and reduce lead time while increasing cost savings.


Adopt a smarter approach to marker making with Diamino and save fabric, accelerate productivity, and increase profit margins. Diamino allows companies to get the most out of their fabric by quickly and accurately estimating fabric consumption. At the same time, they can automatically process markers to create the most cost-efficient layouts (possibility of sizes mix) before any cutting operation.

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