BKGRD webinar

Replay | Fashion data & analytics webinars, part 2

Retviews automated, instant access to your competitors' data, collections and pricing strategies

No one knows your competition better than you do. But with an increased number of collections being released every year and the proliferation of web-only brands fragmenting the market more than ever, it is becoming hard to keep up. More brands, more countries, more items, all to monitor more frequently.

Retviews is Lectra's intelligent, cloud-based competition analysis solution allowing leaders in the fashion retail landscape to track the market and:

  • Increase margins: receive the complete pricing strategy of other brands and identify own incorrect price positioning
  • Highlight opportunities and expose threats: monitor market trends and competitors' new collections, be quicker to react to changes in the market
  • Increase sell thru: identify product gaps and focus on bestsellers 
  • Leverage competitors' data across multiple departments from collection managers to pricing strategists