Capital ownership

Ownership structure at September 30th, 2021

Breakdown of capital

The free float is over 80%. Most is held by institutional investors.

  • AIPCF VI LG Funding LP (États-Unis) holds more than 10% (but less than 15%) of the capital and the voting rights.

  • Artisan Partners Limited Partnership (United States), Kabouter Management LLC (United States) and Kempen Oranje Participaties Management N.V (The Netherlands) each hold more than 5% (but less than 10%) of the capital and the voting rights

The company holds 0.04% in treasury shares in the framework of the liquidity agreement.

Capital: 37 695 047 shares 

Breakdown of diluted capital

Thanks to a motivating stock option program, the management (other than Daniel Harari, who holds no stock options) and key employees (305 persons) hold 3.9% of the diluted capital. The Group intends to pursue this selective policy of promoting employee share-ownership. Fully-vested stock options totaled 0.5% of the base capital.

Fully-diluted capital: 38 856 949 shares