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When is the right time to upgrade your equipment?

Many companies are upgrading equipment to include advanced digital technology to lower costs and transform operations, from production and manufacturing to distribution.

An upgrade gives you that competitive edge

To stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, companies must embrace digital transformation and invest in technology that generates new opportunities and drives growth.

One area where this is particularly important is in the cutting room, where optimizing the fabric-cutting process with data intelligence and connectivity can improve product quality and maximize the value of manufacturing materials and resources.

Companies should consider Industry 4.0 capabilities when upgrading equipment to discover how this new technology can lower operational costs through process automation, increased supply chain efficiency and improved safety while gaining future-proof benefits.

Competitive edge

The right time to upgrade is NOW

By avoiding large upfront expenses, SaaS platforms make it simpler for businesses to benefit from energy-efficient cloud computing, data analytics to improve resource consumption, and optimize their supply chain to keep up with the ever-increasing ESG regulations in their various markets.

Upgrading your cutting room can bring numerous advantages and it's advisable to make the change when older equipment starts to require maintenance that is more frequent and causes disruptions in production.

Right time to upgrade


Discover other good reasons to replace your outdated cutting equipment according to your sector of activity

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Industry 4.0-ready equipment to improve process efficiency

Investing in cutting room equipment that is Industry 4.0-ready arms manufacturers with the data they need to improve process efficiency, increase productivity, enhance the level of product quality delivered to customers, and future-proof their organizations.

Upgraded equipment that can collect and communicate data from sensors in the cutting room enables manufacturers to perform data analysis on their cutting operations to accurately:

By replacing aging or outdated equipment with Industry 4.0 solutions, companies optimize their cutting room processes in a manner that will continue to be successful in the future even if business conditions change or new advances in technology arrive.

Industry 4.0 compliant to lead the way

Newer, Industry 4.0 compliant, equipment comes with improved features such as automation, data intelligence and connectivity that can increase productivity and improve product quality.

Service contracts coupled with recent equipment can maximize the coverage of maintenance requirements. It is important to consider upgrading to the latest advances in cutting room equipment that uses smart technology and data monitoring in order to secure your manufacturing process and stay competitive in the industry.