Fashion marketplace management: finding the right solution

How do you choose the right fashion marketplace management solution to increase your visibility and boost international sales?

How do you choose the right marketplace management solution?

As well as managing flows, the right marketplace management partner will have all the expertise necessary to support brands in their marketplace strategies while alleviating them of the burden of operational and technical complexities.

Discover Neteven, fashion marketplace management
Neteven, fashion marketplace management

A partner to optimize the entire sales cycle

More than a flow management software, a fashion marketplace management solution must offer powerful features designed specifically for fashion brands to cover the entire sales cycle.
On that basis it must:

  • Facilitate the integration of flows on different digital sales outlets
  • Synchronize with all existing information systems and processes
  • Display sales and stocks in real time
  • Manage promotions and pricing
  • Automate updates in liaison with the marketplaces’ technical teams
  • Connect to other software (CRM, billing, accounting, customer care, etc.)


High performance technical solutions

So that brands can control the whole of their sales cycle on several marketplaces at once, choosing support from an expert partner of a large number of marketplaces, recognized for the performance of its technical solutions, is a real asset.
Some partners also offer their customers advanced features such as product mapping, promotion mechanisms, order management and logistics integration.
Having a single dashboard that covers the entire sales cycle, from product catalog publication to order management, is also vital.


Customized support

While each marketplace is unique, so is each brand. The identity that brands want to project on these online sales platforms must be preserved. So they need to choose a partner that can guide and support them in their digital strategy.

To manage the tens of thousands of La Redoute products, we really needed a partner offering customized support. Because of our size and our respect for our customers, this was essential. We have found that our partner shares our customer focus”, says Philippe Prouvost, Category Manager La Redoute, Neteven partner.
Benefiting from customized support can be decisive, particularly for targeting adapted marketplaces or to move forward step by step with commercial developers, project managers and dedicated account managers.
Throughout the partnership, brands must receive human support that involves monitoring, listening and being responsive, all of which facilitate the work of in-house teams.

Fashion Marketplace Management

Optimize the distribution of your products on marketplaces with Neteven

What growth opportunities do fashion marketplaces offer?

Since there is no doubt that they drive growth, fashion marketplaces offer brands major potential to increase their notoriety, boost sales nationally and launch internationally.


Increasing your visibility

“Brands have everything to gain from expertise in marketplaces. This new directselling approach is guaranteed to boost sales while maintaining control over distribution, reaching a very large number of consumers and new markets while preserving brand image”, says Greg Zemor, CEO and co-founder of Neteven.
Once relieved of the technical constraints, fashion brands can get established on as many marketplaces as they wish, considerably increasing their visibility. The choice of marketplaces where they decide to have a presence is nevertheless strategic. Selecting platforms aligned with their commercial strategy also means maintaining control of their brand image.


Reaching new consumers

Marketplaces offer privileged access to millions of internet users: in Europe, the largest fashion marketplaces receive nearly 150 million visitors every month, an audience unrivaled by any brand website.

Brands are well aware that selling on marketplaces means they benefit from this large audience and increase their growth as a result. Marketplaces are also an opportunity to make the brand more widely known and to win the loyalty of new customers.


Offering international opportunities

Another major advantage for brands is that marketplaces give them an international presence. Many marketplaces, whether they have an international presence or are established locally abroad, offer genuine opportunities for growth. They can provide access to customers all over the world.
“For French brands, marketplaces offer international opportunities that can massively increase sales without a massive increase in marketing investment”, Greg Zemor explains. “Selling your products on a marketplace established in dozens of international markets requires much less investment than launching your own e-commerce website in each of those countries”.
By targeting marketplaces that have large international audiences, brands can capitalize on the digital marketing and notoriety of these platforms, substantially increasing their sales without substantially increasing their marketing investment.