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In the current business environment, in the absence of market growth, reducing operational costs is the only way for automotive suppliers to ensure competitive advantage. The automotive industry’s new normal requires rethinking strategy and redesigning the operating model to overcome production challenges and seize business opportunities.

Despite instability, new opportunities are emerging. Many industry players are leveraging new technologies to improve plant operating efficiency. To remain competitive and keep pace with digital transformation in the 4.0 era, reinvesting in the manufacturing base will prove critical.


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Automotive seating, interiors and airbags

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For automotive suppliers who need to take their products to market quickly in a fast-moving business environment, Lectra Automotive is ideally positioned to support them, with industry experience reaching back to 1991. Lectra’s extensive expertise in 3D/2D automotive product design and development and cutting room processes enables manufacturers of fabric seating and interiors, automotive leather and airbag cushions to achieve long-term operational excellence objectives while building a pathway to future manufacturing standards, all without compromising quality. Our solutions draw on more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and come backed by a worldwide team of experts with in-depth knowledge of local market requirements.

Design to pre-production

Whether you are working with fabric or leather for vehicle seating or interior components, Lectra can help you design parts intelligently and efficiently. From design to pre-production, we help build optimized processes that save you time, money and materials.


Lectra’s extensive expertise in cutting room processes enables suppliers of fabric seating and interiors, automotive leather and airbags to achieve long-term operational excellence objectives without compromising on quality.

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