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What is rearranging the furniture industry?

As mass-market mentalities have given way to demands for unique furnishings that reflect an individual sense of style, customization has become standard.

In addition to a wide variety of models, materials, modules and sizes, growth in the motion sector and desire for more high-tech furniture has only added to the assortment of complex options consumers expect. 

Although furniture shoppers have been slow to embrace the convenience of online furniture shopping, that mentality is quickly shifting. Online furniture customers expect a harmonious omnichannel experience along with order visibility.

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Our solutions give you everything you need to optimize how you make upholstered furniture – from design through to production.By keeping you connected to your data and automating tasks, we help you to reduce errors and save material. So, you become more profitable. It’s a level of certainty over your process that helps to secure the future of your business.Behind our solutions, there’s 40 years’ experience in the furniture sector. Plus, a worldwide team of experts with local knowledge.


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