Lectra develops the future of upholstered furniture


  • Lectra is a leading provider of integrated solutions to the upholstered furniture industry, covering design, product development and automated cutting. 

  • It helps companies better prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges through innovation and successful change management, in order to achieve and maintain their mid- and long-term competitive objectives.

  • Lectra Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order Furniture

    Make made-to-order furniture manufacturing agile, productive and profitable with Lectra Cutting Room 4.0 for Made to Order. 

    The powerful combination of the digital cutting platform and single-ply cutting solution delivers an integrated, automated workflow for reduced cycle time. 

    Capitalize on digital data transfers between IT systems and the cutting room, automation of non-value added tasks, and a complete cutting line—from loading to offloading—to achieve optimized throughput, agility and cost efficiency.


    Consumers' lifestyles and expectations are driving the upholstered furniture business. In their constant quest for individuality, consumers expect more choice, more innovative design and more technology—without compromising on price, quality and delivery time. In addition, the costs of manufacturing are rising; raw materials are increasingly expensive, and wages are going up. As a result, margins are getting squeezed. So, how can you stay competitive while meeting these challenges? You need to make savings, to streamline your entire manufacturing process and build efficiency and agility into every step, from design and prototyping right through to production. 


    Furniture manufacturers need to develop an increasing variety of innovative products more quickly and to produce to deadlines. They must also reduce the number of expensive physical prototypes. By using Lectra’s 3D upholstered furniture design software, our customers can explore a multitude of 3D styling variants, control costs and deliver ready-to-produce models.


    Fabric is one of the key drivers of product cost, so manufacturers are always looking for ways to optimize its use. An improvement of only 1% of fabric use can translate into considerable cost reductions. Lectra solutions generate fabric savings at every stage in the cutting process, guaranteeing optimized production costs.


    Manufacturers of leather furniture face two main challenges: the rising cost of hides and the lack of skilled labor. They are looking for a cutting solution which makes the best use of each hide and which also frees skilled workers to perform tasks where they bring more value. Focused on quality and productivity, the comprehensive solutions designed by Lectra give maximum efficiency to the leather-cutting process.