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The current state of fashion

This new consumer behavior is shortening trend cycles, inciting many companies to produce collections based on forecasting and guesswork. As a result, many are struggling to keep up. They are facing issues such as decreased profit margins, high inventory levels, and extreme markdowns due to missed trend opportunities and are working with too many suppliers.

Many companies are now rethinking their approach and seeking to cultivate a deeper understanding of consumer data to provide more personalized customer experiences and better products. This has paved the way for new consumer-centric business models to thrive. Digital native vertical brands are conscious now disrupting the market with products that sell a unique purpose or service.

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Industry challenges: fashion

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Our solutions bring together the fashion industry software, hardware, services and data you need to put the right product in the hands of the right person, at the right time. Our solutions talk to each other and cover the complete process — from ideation to point of sale — to connect every actor in the fashion value chain. It is a smarter way to work. Which means you can innovate faster and go to market quicker. Never skip a trend. And never miss a chance to turn demands into opportunities.


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