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The current state of fashion

This new consumer behavior is shortening trend cycles, inciting many companies to produce collections based on forecasting and guesswork. As a result, many are struggling to keep up. They are facing issues such as decreased profit margins, high inventory levels, and extreme markdowns due to missed trend opportunities and are working with too many suppliers.

Many companies are now rethinking their approach and seeking to cultivate a deeper understanding of consumer data to provide more personalized customer experiences and better products. This has paved the way for new consumer-centric business models to thrive. Digital native vertical brands are conscious now disrupting the market with products that sell a unique purpose or service.

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Industry challenges: fashion

To get ahead of competition, you need to:

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How Lectra can help you

How Lectra can help you

Our solutions bring together the fashion industry software, hardware, services and data you need to put the right product in the hands of the right person, at the right time. Our solutions talk to each other and cover the complete process — from ideation to point of sale — to connect every actor in the fashion value chain. It is a smarter way to work. Which means you can innovate faster and go to market quicker. Never skip a trend. And never miss a chance to turn demands into opportunities.


Neteven helps you organize your D2C retail activities on the world’s major marketplaces and to accelerate your Direct-to-Consumer digital retail activities with flexibility and scalability to increase your sales.

Neteven’s SaaS platform has been developed for brands and in collaboration with marketplaces to give you powerful functionalities for the entire sales cycle. With Neteven, simplify and gain effective control over how you retail your products throughout the world. 

Neteven is the perfect combination of technological and human expertise for a comprehensive and customized service. Experts assist you in setting up and developing your digital activity while meeting the challenge of managing complex data flows.

Competitive intelligence

With Retviews, you can quickly and easily gain visibility into your competitors’ collectionspricing, and discounts – meaning you can make your lines more profitable. Powered by accurate, real-time data, our cloud-based platform can optimize your assortment development process and global go-to-market strategy. With Retviews, you can quickly and easily gain visibility into your competitors’ collectionspricing, and discounts – meaning you can make your lines more profitable.

With just one click, you can access valuable insights about your own and your competitors’ businesses, all via a customized dashboard. Save time and be confident in your decisions with our reliable, AI-powered solution. Hit the market on time, on trend and on cost.

Design to pre-production

Today’s fashion consumers want the best design, fit, and material quality. As a result, you need to create a wider variety of styles within tighter deadlines, without sacrificing quality and profitability. This requires streamlined and efficient patternmaking, marker-making and prototyping processes in which designers and patternmakers are sharing the exact same vision.

Cutting room

Providing the best product quality is the key to outdoing your competitors. For that, you need a fully automated cutting room. This calls for minimal machine downtime and maximum cutting precision. With rising material and labor costs, and the ongoing price pressure, automating the entire process and optimizing fabric consumption are key to ensuring profitability.

Collection management

Today’s fashion marketplace is extremely fast-paced. As a result, you are dealing with tighter deadlines. To respond faster, a 360° view of the value chain powered by consolidated and actionable data is now a must-have. Teams have to work faster and better together by focusing on value-added tasks.

On demand fashion

To offer personalized clothing, the standard supply chain made for mass production is not agile and flexible enough. Producing one-off items is often too costly and time-consuming. Fashion companies need to find sustainable ways to adapt their production processes to meet individual demands quickly in an era of fast-changing consumer tastes.


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