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La Redoute: the French e-commerce leader in home decoration and fashion on marketplaces

In 2015, - in the midst of a decisive takeover - La Redoute resolved to further test its online potential. It decided to expand its e-commerce offers, and began a partnership with Neteven.


Issues & Objectives

For nearly two centuries, La Redoute has offered superior products, and has handled and developed its own brand reputation. The company could also sell online via its own means: in 2015, it was already generating 80% of its turnover via its e-commerce activities. However, the company wondered how it could fulfill more of its online potential through the marketplace channel. Although it was willing to further push the limits of its online potential and expand, what La Redoute needed was technical expertise and best-in-class support in marketplace management.

At the time, La Redoute was operating its online sales exclusively through its own website. To expand, the company needed the knowledge, time, and experience to smoothly scale up its activity to marketplaces. La Redoute recognized that it needed dedicated technical and human support. And this is exactly where Neteven came in.




Neteven initially familiarized itself with La Redoute’s existing processes and managed onboarding to three marketplaces. At the beginning of the partnership, time was spent on two main tasks: training brand representatives in the ins and outs of inventory management and order fulfillment; and adapting the existing product master data to meet the marketplaces’ requirements.

In a second phase, La Redoute decided to focus its marketplace operations on Galeries Lafayette and BHV. Neteven redesigned the integration methods to enable new features and increased the level of professional services to match the expectations that came with this ambitious plan.

Account management became extremely important for the company as its operations were realigned with the new sales initiatives promoted by Galeries Lafayette. The project with Neteven became an opportunity to create additional sales channels while maintaining complete control of its brand and operations.



Results and perspectives

As La Redoute’s retail needs have evolved through the 6 years of partnership, hands-on guidance, responsive communication, and technical adaptability have remained key assets. Neteven is successfully helping La Redoute to optimize its presence on Galeries Lafayette and BHV. This strategy is bearing fruit: La Redoute has multiplied its Gross Merchandise Value on marketplaces by a factor of 10 over the last three years (2018-2021). And this is exactly where Neteven came in.

To manage the tens of thousands of La Redoute products, it was a necessity to go through Neteven and to have such a personalized support. It’s related to our size, and to our respect for the customer. The sense of the customer, that’s what I recognize in Neteven

Philippe Prouvost

Industrial and Quality Director, Category Manager, La Redoute


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