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D2C retail on the world’s largest marketplaces

The solution

Neteven, a SaaS platform to accelerate Direct-to-Consumer digital retail activities

Neteven helps you organize your D2C retail activities on the world’s major marketplaces and to accelerate your Direct-to-Consumer digital retail activities with flexibility and scalability to increase your sales.

Neteven’s SaaS platform has been developed for brands and in collaboration with marketplaces to give you powerful functionalities for the entire sales cycle. With Neteven, simplify and gain effective control over how you retail your products throughout the world. 

Neteven is the perfect combination of technological and human expertise for a comprehensive and customized service. Experts assist you in setting up and developing your digital activity while meeting the challenge of managing complex data flows.

Customer voice

Customer voice



Organize your D2C retail activities through marketplaces. Boost sales, increase your digital presence and keep total control of your brand.

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