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Aubade Paris: Elevating presence in premium fashion marketplaces with Neteven

Discover why Aubade Paris chooses Neteven to expand globally, boost sales, and enhance brand exposure on fashion marketplaces.

Aubade Paris & Neteven

For premium lingerie and swimwear brand Aubade Paris, selling products on online marketplaces is pivotal for strategic growth as they offer global reach, significantly boosting sales and facilitating geographic expansion.

Marketplaces provide heightened visibility, drawing in a vast number of loyal and potential customers daily. They are invaluable for reaching new demographics and rapidly expanding internationally without exorbitant investment.

Discover why Aubade Paris chooses Neteven to

  • expand globally
  • boost sales
  • and enhance brand exposure on fashion marketplaces.
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Leveraging Technology for Growth and Innovation

The most significant challenges of selling through marketplaces revolve around managing complex data flows, which are both time-consuming and essential.

This complexity entails gathering information from various systems like PIM, DAM, and PLM, then formatting it to meet marketplace standards.

Additionally, maintaining consistent graphic design elements across diverse platforms and synchronizing inventory pose considerable hurdles.

Neteven’s advanced data management systems helped Aubade Paris to automate the gathering and formatting of information from disparate sources, streamline complex processes and continually refine product information to improve customer understanding and brand perception.

Thanks to frequent inventory updates and continuous data optimization, Aubade Paris were able to:

  • Ensure accurate stock levels
  • Prevent overselling
  • Enhance brand consistency

Partnering for Success: The Choice of Neteven?

Neteven played a pivotal role Aubade Paris achieving success on marketplaces by providing invaluable human touch and day-to-day support.

The offering of a dedicated account manager and the company’s profound understanding and knowledge of fashion sector needs empowered Aubade Paris to efficiently navigate the complexities of marketplace selling.

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