Our way of doing business has always been customer-centric

Going the extra mile to make our customers even more successful: it’s what we’re all about

We strive to maximize customer satisfaction and enable successful outcomes

Lectra's philosophy has always focused on supporting customers and satisfying their needs as efficiently as possible.

In 2017, we went a step farther by placing our customers at the very heart of the group’s strategy.

Our objective is to add value to the customer experience. We help our customers reach their expected outcomes by collaborating closely with them and providing the most responsive customer service possible.

The most valuable customer experience is possible thanks to Lectra’s dedicated worldwide organization

We think big: one-third of Lectra’s employees are dedicated to Customer Success

750 employees help our customers make the most of Lectra solutions through optimized performance and a premium user experience.

These teams offer our customers a wide range of valuable expertise and assistance. Continuous learning is ongoing to stay informed of current best practices.

This culminated in more than 14,000 hours of training delivered group-wide in 2022.

Our teams love finding new ways to help each customer achieve success more effectively than ever before: it is their motivation and calling.


Customer outcomes determine how we help our customers achieve success

We help our customers reach their expected outcomes

  • Expected outcomes are the objectives defined by Lectra customers in accordance with the SMART framework, based on specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timly criteria.
  • They are the starting point of the long-term relationship we aim to achieve and are outlined in a success plan. This common roadmap is used to track progress made throughout our collaboration.


Final outcomes are specific to each customer, and may cover targets in terms of:

Customer outcomes are key for Lectra

We help our customers achieve their business value faster by handling onboarding and implementation in-house.

This also ensures the fastest lead-time between acquisition of a Lectra solution and the moment the customer achieves efficient operations.

We support our customers’ progressive empowerment and autonomy by sharing expertise, knowledge and resources. We have created learning pathways that are based on online documentation and face-to-face training.

Our Professional Services delivery can be deployed at the customer’s request, for personalized training and enablement where needed.

We measure our contribution to customer outcomes and challenge ourselves to deliver the improvements they expect. We track operational excellence KPIs including:

  • Time to value

  • Equipment uptime rate

  • User adoption

    Continually improving the Lectra experience

    We provide the best experience possible to satisfy our customers

    We have a Customer Experience team responsible for defining the best experience possible with our solutions, as well as in daily interactions with Lectra (product demonstrations, installation and integration of our solutions, call-center interventions, on-premises interventions, training, etc.).

    We set a high standard for ourselves on all service indicators: response time, remote resolution time, first-time fix, and current status of open cases at our expertise centers are at the core of our daily operations and with high levels of objectives.


    Customer opinion is the key to Lectra’s success

    Since 2018, more than 15,000 people have participated in our Customer Voice program.

    It consists of satisfaction surveys on customer relations, solutions and key interactions.

    Indicators we track include the Net Promoter Score, overall satisfaction rate, and “super-satisfaction” rate–Lectra’s home-grown performance indicator.

    We have processes in place to analyze data, solve issues if necessary, strengthen the quality of the experience we propose, and deliver the improvements our customers expect.

    Come meet with us and test our solutions at our five Experience Centers

    At five worldwide Lectra Experience Centers in Europe, the United States and Asia, our customers and prospects can explore performance improvement in a unique spatial environment in the company of our experts.

    Visitors can take a closer look at our software and equipment, as well as perform benchmark testing and watch product demonstrations.

    Face-to-face meetings enable us to form a better understanding of customer expectations and business challenges, in order to recommend the right Lectra solutions and technologies to help meet their goals.


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