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Work at Lectra

At Lectra, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Operating in more than 100 countries, our 1,750 employees bring diversity, agility and an appetite for excellence to the company.

Dynamic careers for driven employees

What do our employees have in common? They all enjoy tackling new challenges every day. Read about Antonella and Fulvio's career paths at Lectra.

Antonella Capelli and Fulvio de Stefano joined Lectra Italy in 2013 and 2012. In 2018, they virtually swapped jobs - Antonella was promoted to Fashion sales director, while strategic account manager Fulvio became Professional Services Director, taking over Antonella’s job.

Work at Lectra

What was your previous role at lectra?

  • Antonella: When I joined Lectra in 2013, my main mission was to implement the new Lectra 3.0 strategy. This meant migrating from an adaptive ‘toolbox’ approach to a project approach.
  • Fulvio: As I often say, my role and Antonella’s are “different pieces of the same puzzle”. We carried out the same transformation in the sales team - increasingly focusing on the needs and business objectives of the customer.

How did you move towards these new positions?

  • Antonella: When the former sales director left, our managing director decided to re-organize the Fashion market, and they appointed me. The transition went very smoothly - since 2017, as a professional services director I was already accountable for sales activities on key customers. I had already been working with Fulvio for several years.
  • Fulvio: My position opened up with Antonella’s promotion. I expressed the desire at the time to have a new challenge and a management role. I like to think that my detailed and precise knowledge of our customers and their needs was decisive.

Taking a step back, how did you benefit from changing position?

  • Antonella: Today I have a very mature team, so my mentorship and leadership styles need to evolve. I am learning how to motivate them. This is something I am working on and it’s very exciting!
  • Fulvio: This is a new challenge for me, and it is very stimulating. Having a team to manage is very rewarding, especially when it comes to helping my colleagues to grow and do their best every day. I also love planning and organizing, and in this new role I feel like I have more liberty to do it my way.

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Work at Lectra


Four values define our corporate culture and are our strength


Agile Methodologies at Lectra

“Agile methodologies – particularly Scrum and Kanban – are at the core of all the work we do.”


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Gender Equality Index: Lectra reports a very positive result with a score of 84/100

What is the Gender Equality Index?

Since 2019, every French company must publish the Gender Equality Index each year.

This Index makes it possible to measure the performance of French companies in terms of equal pay through defined indicators (pay gap, individual growth rate, promotion rate, percentage of employees who have benefited from an increase upon their return from maternity leave, and gender distribution of the ten highest salaries).

Lectra: successful results

Lectra, with a score of 84 out of 100, ranks among the best companies in France on this issue.

This score demonstrates that Lectra has a human resources policy focusing on the skills and performance of each employee, and the company's long-standing commitment to equality between women and men. It reflects our company's commitment to equal opportunity, exemplified by the presence of five women among Lectra's ten highest salaries in France.

Lectra's ambition is to maintain this level of excellence in how we manage professional equality.


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